Heaven is for Real (2014) Review

Heaven is for Real (2014) the Experience of A Child

Heaven is for Real (2014) is a well-conceived movie from the well written #1 New York Times best-selling book Heaven Is for Real. There are so many people who do not believe in the after death life and heaven. Heaven is for Real (2014) movie is an attempt to show belief dramatically to make the clarity about the existence of heaven. The Christianity tells us about the existence of heaven with strong revelations and instances.

Heaven is for Real (2014) is consists of soulful and spiritual theme combining courage, faith and confidence. Heaven is for Real (2014) is all about a family living in a small town. Heaven is for Real (2014) is the production of Joe Roth and T. D. Jakes. Chris Parker has conceived the story from the book Heaven is for Real (2014) and has written in the movie format. Randall Wallace has added up his awesome directional spice to the Heaven is for Real (2014). Heaven is for Real (2014), as stated before, has related to the book Heaven Is for Real, this book is the attempt of Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent.

Reading a book is not the cup of tea of many, while watching a movie instead is better option. Thus, all those who cannot help reading a book can go for this sophisticated and appealing movie.  Heaven is for Real (2014) will be distribute by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The expense incurred on this movie has budgeted 12 Million. Heaven is for Real (2014) will help you getting the mesmerizing and astonishing insight of the fact about the existence of the heaven. The cast of Heaven is for Real (2014) includes Greg Kinnear (Todd Burpo), Kelly Reilly (Sonja), Connor Corum (Colton), Thomas Haden Church (Jay Olson), Jacob Vargas (Michael), Nancy Sorel (Dr. Slater) and Lane Styles (Cassie).

Heaven is for Real (2014) Official Trailer HD

Heaven is for Real (2014) is bring to your way the real time couple of Greg Kinnear and Kelly Reilly as the couple in the movie as well. It has added up the flavor of reality and viewers will enjoy watching the real couple being a couple on the screens. Well come to the introduction of the family first, Heaven is for Real (2014) shows up the family of Todd Burpo. Todd Burpo has a wife named Sonja, a son named Colton and a daughter named Cassie. This cute and loving family is living in town, which is small nearby Nebraska. Well, this is a happy family living together with love and sharing immense care. Todd Burpo is a ecclesiastic in the church. Todd Burpo’s son is just four years old.

Heaven is for Real (2014)

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This young child brings a stunning thing to the notice of his father. Colton claims visiting heaven during the emergency surgery. His father believes in his son as he tells more about his experience. Colton tells that he has seen the doctor being busy in the operation and his father is desperate and praying for his life. He tells about meeting his miscarried sister and dead grandfather in the heaven. Colton also shares some secretive details with them. Colton also tells about Jesus’ ride, God, his chair, and Holy Spirits’ help to him. No one tends to believe in Colton except is own family. Here comes the point when the confidence of his family in this child has tested. Heaven is for Real (2014) is going to release on April 16, 2014.

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